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PlusThis contains a library of the most popular and requested marketing add-ons for your preferred automation platform.

PlusThis integrates with your favuorite tools including GoToWebinar, Zoom, WebinarJam, Facebook, Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube and more.

Landing Pages for WordPress
  • There are many plugins that give you some options for adding opt-in forms to your site. But this new plugin takes a different approach: these guys have taken the best conversion optimisation technologies and the most advanced list building strategies and crammed them all into a single plugin.

    If you want to build your business faster and enjoy the amazing benefits that come from having a large mailing list, this is the plugin that will make it happen for you.

A fast website is vital to your online success. No matter what the purpose of your website, from blogging for fun to selling products online, your site will benefit from quick loading times. Improving website speed can help you get more visitors thanks to an increased visibility in the search engines.

Faster websites also have higher conversion rates, resulting in more of those visitors joining your email list, clicking on links, purchasing products, or taking some other important action.

Social media management is a growing trend among businesses because of the many opportunities and benefits it gives to marketers that can help improve results drastically. The Azanatek Social Report tools (ASR)  we use to manage your social networking channels make it easier for you to:

Zotabox is a full package of 10+ onsite marketing tools for website owners such as popups, promo bars and social buttons to help website owners increase their sales and subscribers. 

Half their tools are free forever and their premium tool package starts at $9.99/month. Their tools can be used on any website and are extremely popular.