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The creation of new products, services, jobs and propagation of new skills are mostly the contribution of entrepreneurs which is essential in the establishment of the economic growth and social progress. It is important to understand who today’s entrepreneurs are and what motivates and frustrates them to become successful.

It also means discovering what is holding them back to becoming entrepreneurs, and working out whether this is something that can be overcome.

Entrepreneurs tend to display certain personality traits, but the psychological significance of their behavior is varied, as with any group of individuals. Business, education and incentive programmes need to take these differences into account when assessing or seeking to nurture the entrepreneurial potential of individuals.

The "Profile of an Entrepreneur Quiz", will help you discover if you have the trait to become an online business entrepreneur. This is non scientific quiz, however the free report is another step in the journey in becoming successful in your business. It will give you a better understanding of what makes an entrepreneur.


  • The Big Five personality traits
  • The top 3 traits which most distinguish entrepreneurs from employees
  • Types of entrepreneur
  • Sector differences
  • Female entrepreneurs
  • Senior entrepreneurs

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